Make the Most of Your Time with these Family Law Services for Lawyers

Legal research & writing

  • Case law research & memos

  • Factum preparation

  • Research and shadow writing for CPD presentations

  • My work always includes:

    • a time estimate before starting work

    • a formal or informal memo depending on your preference

    • highlighted and clear electronic copies of the case law for your Book of Authorities

Document drafting

  • Court documents  (Conference briefs, Financial Statements, Notices of Motion, Affidavits, Facta)

  • Separation Agreements

  • Cohabitation and Marriage Contracts

  • Opinion letters and closing letters

  • I will communicate with you or your client as you wish to ensure the document is tailored to your style and needs

Court Hearings as Agent

  • Appear as your agent at adjournments, simple motions and case conferences

  • Includes preparation and follow up with you and your client (if you wish)

Vacation & Parental Leave Assistance

  • “Babysit” your files while you take a well-earned vacation

  • Assist with overflow during times you are short-staffed

  • Meet with clients, prepare documents and attend court as needed


Why hire a freelance FAMILY lawyer? BECAUSE…

  • You need extra help sometimes, but not all the time

  • You need some help with a tricky family law issue that requires careful analysis

  • You are double-booked, or really need to spend your time on a more pressing matter

  • You can devote your time to the most important parts of the file & outsource the rest at a lower cost

  • The lower cost means your client will have more money left to pay for your fees

  • You are too busy, but are not sure if it will last, so don’t want to committ to hiring an associate

  • You are looking for better work / life balance

Will there be problems with conflicts?

  • Not likely - I have been working as a freelance lawyer for over 16 years and have only run into 1 conflict so far!

  • I keep a comprehensive list of all clients and lawyers with whom I have worked and do a conflict check before starting work

  • I never work directly for a client if I have previously been retained by their lawyer, unless the lawyer asks me to do so


  • My hourly rate is $250 / hour plus HST

  • Estimates provided in advance upon request

  • Reduced rates are available for low income clients & non-billable projects

Do you require a retainer deposit?

  • No, not if retained directly by you as a lawyer

  • Yes, if retained directly by your client

  • Accounts are due & payable immediately upon receipt

How do I bill my client for your work?

  • My account can be billed to your client as a straight disbursement noted on your account

    • See Rules of Professional Conduct, R. 3.6-3

  • Or, you can pay me and incorporate the amount into your fees billed to your client (See R. 3.6-5)

  • Either way, your client must know & consent to me doing this work for you on the client’s behalf

When are you available?

  • Regular work hours 9:30 - 3:30 pm Mon- Fri

  • Otherwise by appointment